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In 1967, the Jolly Green unit was moved from Udorn RTAFB further south to Nakon Phanom RTAB, somewhat affectionately known as “Naked Fanny” or, simply NKP”.

NKP - 1968

P NKP Base

PSP Runway at right; Main Base upper left

P NKP Ramp

Jolly Green parking ramp

P NKP Base 2

Squadron administrative area

P NKP Ramp 2

View of Main Base

P NKP Alert

Alert Facility

P NKP Hooch

Jolly Green living quarters

NKP - 2008


“His service in Vietnam gives us an insight into the life of one of our many heroes of that war. His unwavering faith in his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, was honored many times in the book. With his fearless courage in times of extreme fire from the enemy, we see a leader that men would follow to the death, if necessary. Men are alive today because of his love for his country and his fellow man. It is so refreshing to know a man like him. A friend, neighbor, and brother in Christ.”              CG

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